Submit A Surf Design

Art Submission Details

Use your art skills to turn that awesome design idea into a winning piece of work.

We can work with art from pretty much art program.  The important piece is that we get art from you that we can use.  Your design submissions should comply to these standards:

-Max 12.5 x 14 inches, sized to 300dpi at print size. 6 spot colors or less, not including the shirt.

-Layered raster/vector art file, with each color on a separate layer.

-For the initial submission mock-up to attach below, a flattened JPG or PNG is preferred.

Send your dynamite design using the form below. Our certified art critics will review your creation for Moto Worthiness or submit your design to the weekly Peer Review Gallery to be considered for this weekly contest.

If your art is selected we will sell it for limited period. At the end of this time period you will receive $1 per shirt/hoodie sold (with a guaranteed minimum of $250) plus a copy of your design on a t-shirt or hoodie of your choosing
What is the name of your art submission?
Choose if you want your art to reviewed by Peers in our weekly Peer Review Contest or you can submit it to Vicci Moto where our staff reviews each piece for its Moto Worthiness.
Please note font names, pantone colors, etc. that are very important to your art submission.
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Your design, scaled and rendered as a flat image, sized to 72dpi and 600 x 600 pixels. JPG or PNG format Make this your favorite piece
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Upload a second version if you have one.
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