Clothing Questions and Issues

Does the clothing shrink?

Expect 5-10%, the most for straight cotton and the least for polyester/blend options.

To minimize fitment issues, a routine wash in cold water and on low dry will be best, but we generally recommend ordering a size up if you’re on the edge.

What’s The Difference Between The Fitted And Heavy Duty Styles?

Consider the Fitted the Cafe Racer of our lineup. Not as small as a pocket bike, but definitely for those who like things more tapered. Expect narrower openings and bit of a slimmer fit, with a softer fabric.

The Heavy Duty on the other hand, is more like a Harley. Generous openings and a boxier fit around the shoulders, with a thicker and slightly heavier fabric.

Heavy Duty tees also use a different color lineup, so consult the product page of interest to confirm the shirt shade first.

What Size Men’s Tank Should I Get?

Men’s Tanks are similar to the Fitted in the chest and bottom hem, but with much more room in the neck and shoulders. If you’re wanting it to fit tight then, you may want to consider ordering a size down.

What’s The Difference Between The Fitted And Tri-Blend Styles?

Both tees are nearly identical in dimensions, but the Tri-blend is made with a thinner blended fabric that has more stretch and drape to it, and with an ever-so-slightly slimmer fit overall.

Tri-blend tees also use a different color lineup, so consult the product page of interest to confirm the shirt shade first.

Seriously, Can’t I Buy A Design After A Sale?

Anytime we do a production run of shirts we print the number ordered plus a handful of extras because nice round numbers don’t hurt our heads. If you want to own a design you should order it during the sales period! AFTER the already purchased shirts have been shipped, any extras are put into the Vicci Moto Store. Quantity is extremely limited, and we won’t have all designs or sizes, so no whining. To see if your size is available just look for any design with the green light to see what extras are available.

What If Someone Has The Same Design/Idea As Me?

It can happen on occasion. In any case if we end up printing a design/idea that has been submitted by more than one person, the first submitter will get credit and any associated payment.

Will a design ever come back?

If there are no copies left you can always sign up on our Notify Me list for each design you want. We bring back much-loved designs throughout the year, so don’t lose hope!

I Ordered The Wrong Size.

We regret that returns, because you simply ordered the wrong size or changed your mind, are not possible, so please order carefully. Be aware that due to the limited-edition nature of our products, exchanges for a different size are usually not possible.

If your order hasn’t shipped yet and the tee is still available, go ahead and place an entirely new order for the size/style ya need! Let us know when you have and we can cancel the original, incorrect order.

My shirt has an issue/problem.

If you need to return your shirt due to our mistake (either a manufacturing defect or because you received the wrong shirt or size), contact us. All returns must be within 45 days from the date of purchase and item(s) must be unworn and unwashed. Please include your order number on the contact form.