Artist FAQ

How Do You Select The Designs/Ideas For Sale?

Every submission is reviewed by the Vicci Moto to confirm that the art complies with our Terms and Conditions. If the submitted art has no relation to anything moto and/or surf, it won’t be considered for sale. Also, as a general rule we prefer shirts that celebrate an aspect of moto and surf culture. Other reasons for not selecting art include (but are not limited to):
-Being offensive or with offensive/drug references
-Already been done
-Poor timing
-Intellectual property issues
-Not being suited to screenprinting on a shirt

What Kind Of Art Do Is Acceptable?

Any moto or surf themed art suitable for printing on a t-shirt, as long as it’s your own work and it hasn’t been printed on a shirt before. It can be artistic, funny, iconic, futuristic, retro, popular, esoteric, sporty or green. We celebrate all things moto and surf! Check out past designs to reference has been successful.

What Are The Size Limitations For My Artwork On A Shirt?

Art should be no larger than 12.5″ wide x 14″ high at print size, with placement centered. All-over or special printing methods may be possible for designs that truly warrant it.

How Can You Tell What’s A Great Idea?

In general we are looking for descriptive ideas with a clear story and a clever title. We should be able to visualize what your idea could look like, even if there is no image to go along with it. There’s more to it than just that too, but you need to sell your art with a great story too.

What If I Don’t Ride or Surf?

We still hope you will submit your ideas. We love working with talented artists to turn others’ ideas into awesome designs. If we receive a great idea that we can’t figure out how to fine tune, we always are trying to build our black book of great artists we can send these to with an artist’s brief, including relevant jargon and references. Also, there are numerous resources online to help you with the terminology, references, and memes of the moto and surf junkie.

What If Someone Has The Same Design/Idea As Me?

It can happen on occasion. In any case if we end up printing a design/idea that has been submitted by more than one person, the first submitter will get credit and any associated payment.

When do I get paid?

Payment is initiated within two weeks of receiving an invoice for the amount of shirts sold, which in turn is requested a few days after the sale run has ended.

How do I get paid?

We pay using check (USA) or PayPal (USA & international). You will need to fill out the appropriate tax forms before we send payment, as Vicci Moto does not withhold any taxes on your behalf. It is entirely your obligation to ensure that you are in compliance with your local taxing authority’s regulations.

US Citizens: You will need to submit a W9 Form. You may wish to review the W9 Instructions.

W9 Form

W9 Instructions

Rest of the World: You will need to complete a W8 Form so the IRS knows you’re not required to pay US income tax. You may wish to review the W8 Instructions.

W8 Form

How much do I get paid?

Design Submissions: Artists receive $1 per garment sold (minimum of $250) during the period that the design is for sale on, plus a copy of the tee. Sales vary by design but our top artists have made thousands.

Idea Submissions: Artists receive a copy of their tee, $100 in Vicci Moto credit, and the right to show off to friends and family how good of an artist you truly are.

How long do you sell my design/t-shirt for?

Design sell for 1-3 days. Once the sale is over the order list is closed, and we print a one-time run of the design. We make as many as are ordered, plus a handful of extras. One of these is for the blipshift archives, and another is sent to the artist as thanks. The rest go up for sale in our store once orders are shipped.

What if I want to cancel my submission?

If you wish to revoke a submitted design after 60 days, please contact us by email with the name of the design and date it was submitted. Once we have scheduled a design for print it can no longer be revoked, as per our Terms and Conditions.Terms & Conditions- Idea Submission

How many colors can be used in my art?

You are allowed to use 6 spot colors of ink, plus the shirt color.
In our experience fewer colors look better and sell better.

When printing on dark colored tees, realize that one of the colors may consist of a white underbase, which will take up one of your six colors.

Our shirt blanks are available in the following fantastic colors in men’s sizes and a subset of them for women: